Principal's Message
 Krista Linenberger
Coronado Families and Friends

It has been my true privilege to serve as principal of Coronado Elementary for the past seven years.  I can honestly say that my time here has been full of blessings.  We have grown immensely, we have built deep relationships, and we have learned alongside each other as students, staff, parents, and community partners.  We have created a culture of growth, coping skills and confidence.  When people hear about Coronado, the reputation is full of strength, caring, family, and ROCKS.

After much consideration, I have accepted the position of Director of Elementary Education of Salina Public Schools.  It is a position that aligns deeply with what I believe and a great step in a career that is built on love for learning and seeing kids and our district grow.

 Saying goodbye is never easy, however, I have full confidence in the shared mission and vision we have established here.  I am very proud of the faculty and staff and I know they will continue to work tirelessly to provide a high quality education for your children.  I look forward to watching the success and growth of Coronado Elementary as it moves forward under the guidance of new leadership.

As I step out of this role, I will take Coronado R.O.C.K.S. with me and I will close by saying what we say every morning to our students…..” Make today a great day, the choice is yours.”


Krista Linenberger, Coronado Principal 
[email protected]

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