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Photo of a girl petting a dog on the head while standing next to a staff member on the first day of school
Photo of two students working on assignments at their desk in their classroom
Photo of two 5th grade girls at the SHS pool for the Regatta boat race day
Photo of Coronado Teacher holding a whiteboard with the word Van written on it at a table with 3 students


Coronado Elementary

At Salina Public Schools (SPS), we are proud of who we are and what we do. We value every student’s family as a partner in learning and we collaborate with partners to help students, families and the community.

We love our Specials

At Coronado, we believe in nurturing the holistic growth of our students through music, art, physical education, library and critical thinking. Every brushstroke, beat, page turn and leap is a step towards greatness.

Photo of kids running to grab foam balls in the gym during PE

Relationships Matter

Every smile and lesson plants the seeds of caring relationships. At Coronado, connections between students, staff and families blossom into discovery and lifelong learning.

Photo of a happy girl sitting on the playground smiling during class

Coronado is Unique

We believe education extends beyond the school walls. Our community partnerships transform learning into a living, breathing experience. We aren’t just preparing for the future, we’re shaping it.

Photo of a woman eating in the cafeteria with a girl and boy, the girl is looking up at her lovingly and smiling

Great teachers
inspiring great futures.

Important Events